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Promotional Products With Appeal

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Welcome to our unique world of promotional products.  Everything to reach out and touch your market.

We have spent many years looking for products that match our customer needs. Bosmat Kidz continues to  keep our eyescan.gif (247 bytes) open for new and interesting products! and promise we will have some new stuff shortly. And if you have a new and exciting product, e-mail us and we will add it to our listings.

We have added a new catalogue!!!. Click here to see it!

Check out our sample pricing! You will be amazed at the savings!

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Computer Screen Sweeps

Bosmat Kidz is proud to offer you quality promotional products at rates that you can afford.  Whether you company is large or small, we can tailor your promotions to fit your budget, without degraded quality or inferior raw materials.

We offer many products, some of which are available only through us, that is growing at a steady rate.  Check out some of our specials, exclusives, and catalogue for more detailed information.  And remember, if you don't see it on this site, we have many other products as well. If you have never seen what you are looking for, call us and with our large list of contacts and suppliers, we can probably find it (or get you a price on getting it made).

New Patented Product: 

Silicone Bracelet - Embossed with your Message

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This new product is just perfect for all special events and occasions.

And it only available from Bosmat Kidz exclusives!  Talk to us now about this revolutionary product.

    There are also some good sites that we support.  Check out the icons on this page.

The Ontario Weather Page - Over 6000 links to weather information for Ontario

Have a budget? Need any quotes? Tell us what you want and we will fit it!

We hope to hear from you soon!

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